Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kris Anderson

Kris Anderson has performed in improvisational theatre since 1991. After enjoying improv as an audience member for years, Kris became the fifth member of groundbreaking Brisbane improv troupe Out on a Limb, performing mixed short- and long-form shows. Starting in 1992, he featured as the musician for Lightning Doubles, a Theatresports-branded improv show making its debut in the first annual Brisbane Comedy Bananza. Over the next few years, Kris became a feature of the local improv landscape, performing music with Out on a Limb, Theatresports, the Theatresports Burbrook Cup and Lightning Doubles.

While away from Australia during 1994-1995, Kris worked with Denver's Headgames ensemble, performing regularly in Boulder Colorado. On his return to Brisbane, he found himself part of Out on a Limb's improv comedy game show Bite the Bucket, appearing on local community channel Briz 31.

Over the last decade, Kris has featured with every major improv group in the city, including Theatresports, Out on a Limb, Impro Gladiators, Interactive Theatre Australia, Scared Scriptless, New Improv City, Stickmen Presents, Illegal Acts, ImproMafia and EDGE Improv. Kris also takes part in the annual Youth Theatresports Festival, performing with hundreds of high school kids from Brisbane schools.

As well as performing, Kris teaches musical improv classes for actors. How he manages this, without having a shred of on-stage performance nouse himself, is anyone's guess.

Kris' other musical pursuits have included scoring short films, busking, and performing with originals and covers bands such as Magnus Octopus, Pretty and Dark Marc.

Kris is originally from Canada, and has managed to keep his North American accent intact. When not performing, Kris is a husband, father of two, and Engineering Manager for the Research and Development department of a large Brisbane software company.

As well as being the founder of and chief contributor to , Kris manages , a collection of improvised solo piano pieces.

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