Friday, December 12, 2008

Workshop Games - Emotional Symphony

Here's a good workshop game to warm people up and get them making noise. Divide the group up in to three or four similarly sized groups. The teacher stands in the middle, with the groups clustered around them.

Each group chooses an emotion... a happy emotion for these guys, a sad one for these guys, a weird one for these guys... Then ask them to make up a sound to go with that emotion, and do it simultaneously as a group.

Now you've got sections of an orchestra, one emotional instrument per section. :)

The teacher stands in the middle, and begins to conduct them like an orchestra with hand movements. When the teacher extends their arms towards a group, they start making their noise. Raise your arm and the group gets louder, lower it and they get softer. Do strange arm movements and let them figure out what to do.

Now switch to a different section and let them get used to it. Work through all the sections this way.

Next, start mixing the sections up, alternating them, doing two or more simultaneously. Make the participants work! Have some fun!

Don't warn them, but at some point tag someone (hopefully someone who would otherwise be a bit shy about volunteering) to come and take your place, and let them conduct for a while. Tell them to tag someone else in. Then tell the last person to find a good ending, and finish it.

This is heaps of fun to do, it's silly, and like most of these sorts of exercises helps people get to a place where they're less nervous about singing in a workshop.

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