Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Want To Be A Minority Group

This is another one of my favourites from the Lightning Doubles days. Adam Couper takes the lead on this one, kicking things off in blues. Tom Dunstan and Rebecca Riggs provide backing and support throughout the song.
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Many times I've seen songs where the players rotate singing duties, and that can work well. I've noticed that most of our recordings from the early years have one player taking the lead for the whole song. I think if you have someone that can hold that focus for the length of a song, and construct it well, you'll provide a great consistent piece for the audience.

Another feature of this song is the singers, and not the musician, starting things off. I've mentioned previously I have much more fun doing it this way, and perhaps that's because it's how I was trained back then. Sometimes that means the musician will struggle to find the music; you can hear me searching for the key until halfway through the first verse. (What I wouldn't give for perfect pitch.)

You can hear good rhyming technique in Adam's verses; he will often find the word he wants to use, find a rhyme for it, and put the rhyme first and the desired word second. The impact to the audience is much greater this way; some of the rhymes would have sounded pretty lame the other way around (eg the 'panic' rhyme at the end).

There's a nice bridge in this song that could just as easily have been yet another verse. A bridge can really help to give the song a lift; after setting a verse-chorus pattern for a while, breaking that to do a bridge is lovely.

Given a re-do, I'd probably use a proper piano instead of the Doogie Howser electric piano, but it is what it is.

Tom and Adam are still active improvising professionals here in Brisbane. You'll hear from Adam a few more times before this series is complete.

Download I Want To Be A Minority Group (mp3, 2.1 mb)

This is the second entry in a series of recordings of Songs and Operas from Brisbane's Lightning Doubles Theatresports from 1992/1993.

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