Sunday, March 15, 2009

50th Post

This is quite a milestone for Musical Hotspot - the 50th post. When this blog first started, I decided if I could make it past 10 posts, it meant the site would probably survive. And the signs are good!

New stuff for Musical Hotspot

There are some fun things happening at Musical Hotspot over the coming months.

You might have noticed the host for the Theatresports Lightning Doubles mp3 files chopping and changing a bit while I figured out the best solution. My current host allows embedding a player so you can listen to music right on the site, or download them to keep later. I'll be using the same system to embed samples in to technique or game articles where appropriate, so rather than just reading about a game or a technique or a progression, you can listen to it. You'll also be able to subscribe to a podcast with those samples, so you can get the ever-growing collection and hang on to it permanently.

Through the site I've met many talented improvisers around the world, and I'll be leaning on them to contribute to the site, through interviews or guest posts. It will be great to tap the wealth of experience that is out there. I like to think of myself as a dedicated enthusiast rather than a guru; there's plenty I know, but also plenty for me to learn, and I'll do what I can to get other folks involved to share what they know.

Along those lines, subscribers to the RSS feed now get a 'Comment on this' link. If you use the feed rather than visiting the site directly, it would be fantastic to get your comments as well - adding your knowledge to the site would be wonderful.

I hope to bring you more recorded performances from shows we do here in Brisbane, as well as linking to other performances of interest.

How did you get here?

One thing I've really enjoyed is discovering how people arrived at the site. When someone performs a search that brings them here, I have access to the search terms that were used. (Perhaps unsurprisingly, 100% of search engine referrals to date come from Google.) Some of the search queries have been really interesting!
  • About a month ago, there was a sudden flurry of searches on 'Gibberish Song'. They came from around the world, no one geographical location in particular. I would love to know what happened out there to make everyone search for that at once.
  • Quite a few visitors arrive after searching for 'Keyboard vs guitar'. Somewhere there's a thriving industry based on musical instrument cage matches.
  • One enthusiastic individual got here after searching for 'Richard Simmons music'. And they managed to work through 23 pages of search results before getting to Musical Hotspot. That's dedication.
  • My favourite obscure search was for 'No beers and no food'. Only two matches there, and MH comes out at #1. And in Arabic-Google, no less.

Folks have also arrived here through links from other improv sites, or after being plugged on several of the improv podcasts out there.

Thank you

Mostly I wanted to say thank you for visiting, contributing with comments, encouraging visitors with backlinks and plugs, and generally providing encouragement with your feedback. My goal was to share what I knew, but I'm finding that I'm learning a lot myself; it's improving my improv skills, as well as giving me the chance to meet a bunch of talented folks from all over the world.

What's next?

What would you like to see on Musical Hotspot? More stuff on getting started in impro? More in-depth discussions of games? Guest posts from other improvisers? Reviews and links to performances? Is there anything you want to see less of? Drop me a line, or leave a comment.

I hope you enjoy the next 50 posts. :)

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