Sunday, March 29, 2009

Big Chief No Friends

Adam Couper, Rebecca Riggs and Simon Palomares perform a song from the Haircut Challenge show that generated a few of the tracks in this series. (In this show - two teams, two team captains, losing team captain had his head shaved at the end of the show. Sadly, the day before the Haircut Challenge, one of the team captains scored a role in a movie. The scores were neck and neck entering the last game, and the non-movie-role-scoring team graciously threw the last game and submitted their captain for shaving.)
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I seem to recall a style suggestion of "Bubblegum Pop". (That said, I can't remember what colour socks I have on right now, so my memory is anything but reliable.)

The trio had a very strong start to define the style of the song. Again, this is one of those times when I think the song really benefitted from getting its start from everyone and not just the musician.

Coup is once again in the drivers seat for this one. Adam has a tremendous talent for weaving together a coherent melody in a verse and chorus, pulling together a great story, and managing to rhyme. He's one of my favourite players to work with. (You should see him in a Shakespearean scene; he's unbelievable.)

I'm accompaning on keyboard-drums and, eventually, bass. It took me a long time to come in for this one, I suspect I spent way more time hunting for the key than I should have.

I wonder how fast Adam's mind really works. I'm intrigued by the turn of events right at the end of the song:
Adam:Big Chief, he's got a friend
MC (interjecting from offstage): 10 seconds!
Adam:Which brings this story almost to an end
Was that line in the plan? Or did he alter his rhyme and story at the last second?

Adam and I found a nice ending for this song; I love it when the music just drops out in the last seconds of the song, leaving the singer to finish it with a great tag. I had a feeling Coup was going to find a marvelous ending, and he didn't disappoint.

Download Big Chief No Friends (mp3)

This is the sixth entry in a series of recordings of Songs and Operas from Brisbane's Lightning Doubles Theatresports from 1992/1993.

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