Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Mother Was An Undercover Cop

Danny Murphy delivers a great reggae song on the perils of being a kid with a cop for a mother. He is ably supported by Jamie Rowe and Andrew Nason.

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Adam Couper leads the music on guitar, with me supporting on keyboard-drums. This is one where the musicians started the music, laying the basic support for the players to sit in. As much as I love having the actors start first, starting with the music does give the song a lot more polish.

The verses are nicely structured with A-B-A-B rhyming. Actually, Danny's rhyming is excellent in this song; his rhymes are perfectly in context and don't feel forced at all.

Well I'm a pretty straight kind of guy
I'm the kind of guy you know where he's coming from
You can look at me, right in the eye
But don't come up and look at my mum
Cause she's an Undercover
Undercover cop

This is a good example of a song where the chorus is just a tag on the end of a verse. Very simple, and very effective.

Once again, the final "verse" is chorded as a bridge. It keeps the style of the music consistent, but the change in chord progression freshens things up for the audience, and gives the singer a little more scope to be adventurous. A good bridge tilts the story, and this one is no exception.

It's amazing to hear the audience go wild at the end of the first chorus. The chorus-tag was about as simple as it gets ("She was an/Undercover/Undercover cop"), not very clever or challenging, but when the audience got a whiff of the actors actually using the words from the offer in a song, they went crazy. It doesn't take much in a musical game to get the audience on-side.

Download My Mother Was An Undercover Cop (mp3, 2.1 mb)

This is the third entry in a series of recordings of Songs and Operas from Brisbane's Lightning Doubles Theatresports from 1992/1993.

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