Thursday, December 10, 2009

Podcasts, Emails, Contributors, Oh My!

Lots of interesting things happening on Musical Hotspot.

Greetings. As MH approaches its 100th post, just a quick update on some things you might find interesting or useful at Musical Hotspot.


The Musical Hotspot Podcast is up and running! If an article has audio to go with it, as well as listening to it on the site, you can have the audio delivered to your computer (and your mobile devices) via podcast. If you're an iTunes type, you can use the iTunes link above to subscribe directly.


We have quite a few subscribers who get Musical Hotspot via RSS. If techy terms like 'RSS' scare you, but you know how to read email, it's now really easy to have articles emailed to you when they come out. Just look for the Email link at the top of the page to get it going.


I've been keen for a long time to have other folks contribute articles to Musical Hotspot. I'm really pleased to have Luke Rimmelzwaan (actor, singer, scholar, gentleman) on board. Luke has a great knowledge of musicals and structure, knowledge he used to guide our recent production of One Bride for Seven Brothers, and he's going to share some of that on the site, starting next week.

Your bit

You can help to shape the future of the site. If there are particular subjects or topics you'd like to read about on Musical Hotspot, leave a comment or drop me an email. My list of 'articles not yet written' is still pretty big, but I'm always keen to find more material that is interesting to improvisers.

And, as always, it's great to get comments from readers! If an article resonates with you, makes you laugh, makes you cranky, makes you want to share what you know, leaves you wanting more, ... leave a comment! Nothing makes me happier than when someone takes the time to leave a note.

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