Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Performers and Photographers

Many talented people contribute to Musical Hotspot.

Something I frequently do when I'm writing a Musical Hotspot article is to relate the topic to something we've done here in Brisbane. Sometimes it's just a mention of something that might have happened once, but other times it can be great to give you something more concrete from a show.

One of my favourite things to do is use a recording of a song from a performance. I've tried to steer away from including songs just because I like them; there are plenty of songs we've done lately that I like, but haven't made an appearance here. I choose songs that I think are great, that demonstrate the topic at hand, and hopefully have solid production values so they are easy to listen to.

I'm very proud to have worked with so many great performers here, and very pleased when they agree to let me feature some of their work on the site.

To that end, the Contributors page now lists performers that have appeared on the site, with links to their work. Some are from as far back as 1992, some as recent as a few weeks ago. Tom Dunstan, one of the legends of Brisbane impro, has some outstanding songs spanning several decades. The delightful Amy Currie holds the current record for the most featured pieces, with six songs featured so far. I'm very proud of the shows we do here, and I'm sure in the future you'll see more from these featured performers and others you haven't met yet.

Those aren't the only folks that help to capture the magic of our shows. Several local photographers have done an outstanding job of capturing live shows. Al Caeiro's pictures have been featured many times; I've learned a great deal from her. (We're shooting pictures for The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco tonight; I hope I can keep up with her.) Anthony Massingham has allowed me to use both his excellent photographs and an illustration on the site. By far my favourite photographer though is Wanda Anderson - as well as taking great pictures, she happens to be a wonderful wife, mother, and best friend. (I am, however, just slightly biased.)

Hopefully you've enjoyed some of the moments we've captured from our shows. Don't forget you can get these songs delivered to you automagically by subscribing to the Musical Hotspot Podcast.

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